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旅游导刊  2018, Vol. 2 Issue (4): 90-93    DOI: 10.12054/lydk.bisu.76
中佛罗里达大学罗森酒店管理学院 美国 32819
Review on Hospitality Information Technology: Learning How to Use It
Tingting ZHANG()
Rosen College of Hospitality Management,University of Central Florida, FL 32819, U.S.A
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伴随着科技发展和消费科技化的趋势,酒店管理行业迎来信息技术快速更新和服务增进的时代。为此,酒店管理中信息技术基本知识及运用方法的教授成为培养未来酒店管理人才必不可少的一门课程。《酒店信息技术:使用指南》(Hospitality Information TechnologyLearning How to Use It)一书较为全面地介绍了酒店管理中信息技术的基本知识和实际应用,包括对信息技术基础、网络建立与维护、餐饮信息系统、住宿信息系统、财务信息系统、顾客体验科技、互联网和社交网络、酒店产业有效技术选择、酒店管理中的大数据分析、项目管理以及酒店产业新兴智能科技和机器人等的介绍,对中国酒店产业的实践和教学有借鉴意义。

关键词: 酒店信息技术酒店管理酒店大数据分析酒店智能科技    

With the technological development and consumption pattern changes, hospitality industry has been actively updating its technologies and enhancing services. Thus, the information technology in hospitality operation and management is critical to the future hoteliers. Professor Cobanoglu and his team including Professor Galen, Dr. Bilgihan and Dr. Ekaterina authored the book Hospitality Information Technology: Learning How to Use it, which comprehensively introduced the applications and techniques of information technologies for hospitality management. This book use layman language to systematically explain the basic knowledge and practical applications of the hospitality information systems from both theoretical and practical perspectives. The covered topics include information technology basics, internet establishment and maintenance, restaurant information systems, hotel information systems, financial information systems, customer experience technology, internet and social media, strategic selection of information technologies for hospitality enterprises, big data analysis, project management, and the emerging smart technologies and robots for hospitality services, to name a few. The aforementioned areas provide great implications for China’s hospitality practices and teaching activities.

Key words: hospitality information technology    hospitality management    hospitality big data analysis    hospitality intelligent technology
收稿日期: 2018-05-14 出版日期: 2018-09-07
PACS:  F59  

作者简介:张婷婷(1987— ),女,辽宁沈阳人,博士,美国中佛罗里达大学罗森酒店管理学院酒店服务系助理教授,研究方向:旅游与酒店信息技术创新与管理、价值共创、服务管理、旅游者行为与体验。E-mail:Tingting.

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张婷婷. 《酒店信息技术:使用指南》评介[J]. 旅游导刊, 2018, 2(4): 90-93.

Tingting ZHANG. Review on Hospitality Information Technology: Learning How to Use It. Tourism and Hospitality Prospects, 2018, 2(4): 90-93.


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